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Any support for closed captioning?

Does Wowza Player have any support for closed captioning?

I don’t see it in the features list and I don’t see a “CC” button option on the builder. I was playing a stream that should have live captions.

This is an important feature for a lot of consumers and for customer compliance needs, I hope there is some way to make this work. JWPlayer and FlowPlayer are other options which do support captioning but it would be still be great to have this in Wowza Player.


Hello Bill,

We do not yet support Closed Captions in our player.

The one exception to this right now is that if you have iOS capable captions these will continue to work, since iOS playback still uses the default iOS player for those devices.

We will be adding a lot of different functions as we move forward, so do keep an eye out for updates to the player.

Can you submit a support ticket concerning this request so that I can add your vote for this option to our Feature Backlog?


Jason Hatchett

Thanks Jason, will do.

UGH, no caption support. Back to JW player.

Yes, please, add the closed captions support and can you do it by tomorrow. lol