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Assistance with PushPublish Add-on and AT&T (Edgecast CDN)

We are looking for help and have a tight schedule.

This would be getting the plug-in to work with our existing wowza install that is used along with a Cisco CDN (Cisco ECDS) and Video Portal (Cisco Show&Share).

AT&T CDN uses Edgecast CDN technology and will be moving to Akamai based tech this year.

We are looking for local (San Diego, CA) consultants but remote assistance is ok.

Cisco ECDS or Cisco Show&Share experience a plus but not required.

Please post or e-mail me contact info.


I’ve developed a custom mod of the push publish code that simplifies using Akamai and EdgeCast. I should be able to help with your project and set it up for Akamai at the same time.

Ian Beyer