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Attn: New beta version of Wowza Streaming Engine released!

If you are a Beta Program participant here at Wowza, we are excited to share with you the beta version of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.1b build 20200313112037.

Please note, this build will be an updater release. We would love to have you test with this build, but we also would encourage you to use our general release version for production workflows. Although the improvements and enhancements have been tested by QA, full regression testing and performance testing hasn’t been performed on beta builds. Support for beta builds is fully available, but there is no guarantee of hotfixes.

The new 4.8.1b build includes:

  • Updates to Apple Low-Latency HLS making Wowza Streaming Engine fully compliant to Apple’s latest spec. These updates include:
  • Added support for the EXT-X-PRELOAD-HINT media playlist tag
  • Added support for blocking partial segment requests based on EXT-X-PRELOAD-HINT tags
  • Added support for setting PART-HOLD-BACK in all media playlists in a multi-rendition, adaptive-bitrate playback session to at least three times the maximum PART-TARGET value across the renditions
  • Update to SRT 1.4 and other enhancements:
  • Updating the SRT implementation to version 1.4 for increased functionality
  • Several updates to SRT MediaCaster ingest
  • Additional support for new properties

Read the full list of changes since the last release here: