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ATTN: New Streaming Engine Beta version 4.8.6b

Looking to get access to all of Wowza Streaming Engine’s latest developments?

Sign up for the Beta Program to get the latest builds. Enroll Here.

The new 4.8.6b build contains :

  • Logging: Wowza has upgraded its logging library log4j2. This version will provide better performance and increased functionality as well as compliance with log4j2 features such as per class logging, throttling, output management, and more.
  • NVENC9: Wowza supports higher quality transcoding workflows when using an NVidia Turing or newer architecture. Wowza transcoder supports the NVidia 440.xx driver but does not yet support 450.xx.
  • Security Updates : Wowza made a lot of updates to underlying libraries to improve your security running Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and Wowza Streaming Engine Server.
  • Load Performance: Improved delivery load performance for HTTPS from Wowza Streaming Engine via more native implementation in the JVM. See up to double performance for load delivery. Enable insertConscryptCryptoProvider to use.

  • Read the full list of changes since the last release here.
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Is there any timeline for driver 450.xx support? My system already has it installed, and I have not seen any effect.

It will be in 2021, but do not have an ETA for you yet Egbert.

@Rose_Power-Wowza_Com thank you for the reference to NVIDIA 450.xx drivers. Just to echo the warning and in case others find this via search…

I am using 4.8.5 and discovered that using NVIDIA 450.xx drivers can cause problems for certain GPU operations. The result is loss of video. Sometimes (but not always) there will be error messages in the log like this:

TranscodingSession.updateBehindFilter[xxxx/definst/xxxx]: Video behind filter state change. New state: SKIP1FRAME

One of my systems auto updated from 440.xx --> 450.xx during a reboot, so it caught us off guard. I’m not sure which operations caused this, but this came up in CUDA / NVCUVID / NVENC / overlay.

I resolved by either holding at 440.xx or downgrading from 450 to 390.

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Not sure how I missed this, but thank very much for providing this additional info.