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Audio Stripper Module - Wowza 3 - Shoutcast1/Icecast2/RTMP

This is a module which allows the audio of a Audio/Video stream to stripped out and a new stream to be created so providing a lower bandwidth option without the need to send a separate stream.

  • You can repeat multiple streams in the same application. Each published stream looks for a configuration file in the StorageDir called -repeat.txt which should contain the details of where to repeat to. Please see the PDF for specific details

  • Supports RTMP (local new stream) and will push the audio as a source to Shoutcast1 and Icecast2 outbound connections

  • AAC+ is now fully supported for RTMP, Shoutcast and Icecast2 connections. This has been tested for LC, HE and HE v2.

  • When using RTMP output mode the resulting new stream is accessable by all protocols Wowza supports for audio only streams.

  • When connecting to Shoutcast or Icecast2 if the audio is MP3 the bitrate is automatically detected, AAC+ streams you have to configure the required bitrate to display for Shoutcast/Icecast2, but for both the channel configuration and frequencies are determined automatically. This makes restreaming to Shoutcast/Icecast 100% compatible.

  • Auto reconnecting logic for both stalled inbound connections and outbound unstable Shoutcast/Icecast2 servers is now fully recoverable, ie. if the remote side goes away Wowza will auto reconnect when it comes back.

It can be used in a variety of situations where a lower bandwidth option is required but no re-encoding is possible/wanted


A quick note regarding the above and some feedback I have been receiving.

  • Added logging so you can now see where the module is looking for configurations files for repeating information (helps local troubleshooting).

  • Fixed the load location which did not match the documentation. It was /conf/ it is now StorageDir of the Application.xml.

  • Added a property so you can specify a location independently of the StorageDir if you want to.

  • Fixed an issue where an encoder might drop and reconnect within 5-10 seconds. A thread was stalling so preventing the reconnect.

  • Fixed a local unpublishing bug. If the rtmp option was chosen and the source stream was disconnected the resulting audio stream was not being unpublished.

Please download an update Jar file from the link provided above.


A new version of the module is now available

  • Added Shoutcast2 outbound support using the Ultravox protocol

  • Added HTTP interface to update meta data

  • Meta data support across all outbound protocols - Shoutcast1, Shoutcast2, Icecast2 and RTMP

  • Fixed a minor AAC+ bitrate issue.

Download available at



There should be no reason why it doesnt as there is nothing specific to the changes made in 4 to prevent it. I havent tested it, so any results do post here.


This does not appear to be working as of 4.2.0. We followed the directions exactly and are getting errors in the log. Can this module be updated to work? We are looking for the following solution:

RTMP (live video/audio stream) -> Transcoder (audio only) -> Icecast. All within the same Wowza machine.


Does audiorepeater2 work with wowza 4.0.4?