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Audio visualizer

Hello, Im trying to have an audio visualiser on my android app for the streaming channel (audio only live streaming), so the users won’t stream distorted channels ( too much volume) … In order to do it I need to pass the input of the mic in to the streaming intent from the streaming service, is there a way to pass the input of the stream or the stream itself to the intent?

Im using an external library of the visualiser , I can use two kinds of inputs sessionId ( of media recorder) or bytes array…


Hello @aviad sh, I do know that we do offer the ability to display an audio level meter and it’s an option to enable in the GoCoder SDK for Android.

 "Display an audio level meter",
 "Register an audio sample listener and display an audio level meter",

You can see this option in the dropdown menu @aviad sh when you run the GoCoder sample app for Android:

You can also see it referenced here our GitHub pages for building your own app :