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AudioRepeater Module for live Audio/Video Streams

This is a module which allows the audio of a Audio/Video stream to stripped out and a new stream to be created so providing a lower bandwidth option without the need to send a separate stream.

It can be used in a variety of situations where a lower bandwidth option is required but no re-encoding is possible/wanted

The audio stream can also be sent to a Shoutcast server if it is a valid MP3 or AAC+ stream.

It can be downloaded from here along with the instructions


This module has now been updated and the new version is now here

New features are

  • You can repeat multiple streams in the same application. Each published stream looks for a configuration file in the StorageDir called -repeat.txt which should contain the details of where to repeat to. Please see the PDF for specific details

  • AAC+ is now fully supported for both RTMP and Shoutcast connections. This has been tested for LC, HE and HE v2.

  • When connecting to Shoutcast if the audio is MP3 the bitrate is automatically detected, AAC+ streams you have to configure the required bitrate display for Shoutcast.

  • Auto reconnect to unstable Shoutcast servers is now fully working, ie. if the remote side goes away Wowza will auto reconnect when it comes back.

  • Stalled source streams are detected and audio repeated streams are closed when no data from the source is detected.



The new version fully supports AAC+ and also multiple streams in an application.

Great Shamrock, Do you know if is it possible to join a live audio stream to a live video stream and get a new video/audio stream?

Not sure I understand what you mean. Can you please explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish.


I still don’t understand. Need a lot more detail to help.


Yes, you should be able to use any incoming live stream as the source for this Module.


this is possible, albeit a little tricky, sync would be an issue so if there were video with people speaking there would be no way to sync it up.

I am available for consultancy so if you need this doing I can provide a quote for it.


You need to configure Icecast2 to accept a Shoutcast1 style connection. This can be done per mountpoint in an Icecast 2 server.


Can this be used if the Wowza source stream that you want to send/restream to IceCast is not on your server? I’ve the Wowza and Icecast servers but I need to re-stream some other Wowza stream to my IceCast server.

Is possible to add a repeater by a code in Java (not using the configuration file) ?

If there is an API to dynamically create the AudioRepeater

The AudioRepeat sends a live stream from Wowza to Shoutcast. The process settings are created in Application.xml.

I would like to create the process (live stream to shoutcast) in my own code at any time, without use Application.xml settings.

Thus, an API would be possible to start or stop sending the stream to the Shoutcast.


I have tried this module . everything works fine. but when i enable module alias it didn’t worked. any idea ?

Hello. This module is working properly with my shoutcast server. But I want to use it with icecast2. Which parameters I need to change? Help me please, because I can’t configure it to send stream to icecast2. Thanks a lot!!!

You need to configure Icecast2 to accept a Shoutcast1 style connection. This can be done per mountpoint in an Icecast 2 server.


Very many thanks!!! Nice module. It’s working with my icecast2 server. You save my time. Have a nice day!!!