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Auto scaling and load balancing with AWS ELB

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I used wowza engine to live and VOD. My app serve about 1 billion users. So that i need auto scaling,
I cant use ELB and how do it.

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@NGUYEN THIEN Please follow these steps and reach out to us through a support ticket if you still need assistance with your app.


You can autoscale Wowza Streaming Engine on cloud providers such as AWS. This can be triggered by a variable such as the CPU utilization %.

For more information on AWS autoscaling, you may want to reference the following article :

Wowza has an article that describes how to create a startup package that will be used to configure these scaled instances. This can be found on page 30 of the Wowza EC2 User Guide .

ELB can be used with Wowza Streaming Engine EC2 instances but it’s important to look into configuring the stickiness settings to maintain a consistent connection between a client and the selected server. Other load balancers could be used, such as the Wowza Load Balancer but with scaling groups, you may find that they work better with ELB.

With a single storage location for these VOD assets, you could look into using Media Cache to pull from this networked location, such as an S3 bucket. This should allow you to only maintain one location for your content.

Hopefully these suggestions will get you started on your autoscaling workflow.

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I had created TCP network load balancing and forward request to target port 1935 TCP, according i know TCP haven’t stickiness. How do i settings stickiness?


Try these directions @NGUYEN THIEN:

Thank you for those detailed information, just would like to check if it is still possible to do load balancing with AWS ELB because I can’t find anything about it in the link you shared “Wowza EC2 User Guide”.
Also this is maybe another topic for a different thread but somewhat linked is it possible to use WOWZA with AWS ALB model ?
Thanks for the clarifications
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We don’t have any documentation on how to setup the AWS ELB/ALB with Wowza EC2 instances but we do offer a free Dynamic Load Balancer designed to work with Wowza Streaming Engine. This has some advantages over other load balancers as it does a 302 redirect on incoming stream requests to distribute playback loads. Doing so enables the player to maintain a persistent connection to the edge server instead of bouncing between them. See the following article for more info:

If you do use the ELB Load Balancer, you’ll want to look into setting up sticky sessions. You can find more information here on these workflows:

Yes, you can use ALB as well but we’d request a support ticket to better understand why you want to use that instead as it leads to a bit more complicated process, but it is possible to configure.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we can assist you directly in a ticket. Thanks.