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Automatic key generation

I am not quite sure under which category this topic falls under, but in any case, since no one seems to be answering in this thread anymore: i created this thread.

So my question is regarding automatic generation of AES 128 keys, how do you do it?

My post in the other thread:

“How do you automatically generate keys for livestreams on publishing, i.e when a streamer connects and starts streaming to our wowza server (we don’t want to do anything manually)? We are using transcoding to 3 different qualities and origin-edge and plan do use nDVR in the future if that makes any difference. quote from above regarding automation: “Note: You can also use the genkey utility to generate key files. A key file with a different key is generated each time you run this utility. You can integrate this utility into an automated workflow to create many .key files for a video library.””

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