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automatic recording bug ?


after digging more about my rest call that is not working when i want to stop recording a stream (answer: 404), i found out that maybe its some kind of bug in the recording process: my app is configured to record all incoming streams. and its working, all streams are being recorded. But when i login to the manager and point to the incoming streams, their status are “not recording”…while they are actually being recorded. for this reason the rest call cant find any recorder matching the stream name…Automated recordings should have automatic recorders created, right ?



There are two main methods of recording in Wowza, the “live-record” stream type which is enabled by selecting “Record all incoming streams” for your application, and the livestream recording functionality. The Incoming Streams page where you see the recording button uses the second type. However, it sounds like you have configured the first type. They are two separate recording methods, and it is an expected behavior to see the “not recording” status if you are using the first method. If you would like to use the REST API to manage your recordings, then you will need to use the REST API method to manage your streamrecorder objects, and disable the “Record all incoming streams” functionality.