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Autoplay when page loads with Original HTML5 player


Im streaming to a wowza endpoint and creating playback using “Original HTML5 player” I would like to embed this on a website and have it so that it autoplays when the page loads.
What code do I need to do this?


Hi Sam!

Chrome browsers do not allow autoplay in most cases. However, muted autoplay is always allowed.

There is a boolean value you can change, but just know it may autoplay with no audio, This was a change made in the industry and with HTML5 and not Wowza.

Take a peek at this option for what options exist for you, but know these are not official Wowza recommendations or code samples that we would officially support.This would be on your own.

Hope it helps!

Hi Rose,

no problem if its muted.

how would I add this to a Wowza embed code?

I think you would need to look at the HTML5 code. We don’t offer the Wowza player anymore unfortunately.

I do believe though you would just add this though