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Autostart doesnt play on android devices


I have been testing wowza player for some hours, and my first impression is that works good.

I noticed that on android, if player is set “autostart=true” android devices doesnt play live video streaming.

IN the other hand, if player is set “autostart=false”, same live streaming video plays normally.

Any idea how to face this problem or issue?

Thanks in advance for your comments


Hello Ed,

Autostart only works on desktop.

This limitation of the mobile Operating systems, and not available with any browser based player.

Auto Start may be an option if it is within it’s own application.

I hope this helps.


Jason Hatchett

Thanks for your reply Jason.

After few test on android devices, noticed that sometimes autostart works. Mostly is live streaming is at low bandwith like >400kbps.

Beside of that, testing same streaming using autostart false , works in all attemps.


Thanks for your reply

Here information requested

Android devices used is:

Google Nexus 7 - 2015

Android version 6.0.1

Browser used: Google Chrome version 51.0.2704.81

iOS Devices used ( autoplay works)

Iphone 6 Plus

iOS 9.3.3

Google Chrome ( latest)


Of course

Ticket submitted # (194660)


Hello Ed,

There are two elements that may be at play here.

AutoStart may now be an option on Android after the latest OS update.

Can you detail what version of the Android OS you are using?

Can you also detail which browser you are using on this Android device?

As far as the lower bit-rates auto-starting this may be due to the buffer being filled enough for it to start since it would not require as much information to have x number of seconds ready for playback to then begin the play back of content.


Jason Hatchett

Hello Ed,

After talking with the Player team internally, can we have you submit a support ticket so we can gather all the necessary details?

Autoplay is not expected to work on Mobile devices, on Android it is expected to work with the First tap, so we want to gather more information than we would ask you for in this public forum.


Jason Hatchett