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Available event on connection timeout for RTSP session?

I use Wowza GoCoder to publish video to a custom Wowza live application. In my application I attach an IRTSPActionNotify event listener within the onRTPSessionCreate callback. In the onRecord callback of my IRTSPActionNotify I perform various tasks - start recording the live stream, among other things. In my onTeardown callback I then stop the recording and do some additional processing of the recorded video, like moving the video file to a different storage location.

What I just noticed was that if the encoder timeout, due to a lost connection, power failure or some other sudden event, I wont receive an onTeardown event - not even when the RTSP session timeout. This is a big issue for me, since I need to do this additional processing before I make the published stream available for on demand view through another application.

Is there some reliable event, or other reliable way to know that a connection has timed out, so that I can trigger this processing also for streams that doesn’t fire a teardown-event?

I first discovered this issue when I lost connection on my mobile device while encoding video using the Wowza GoCoder app for iOS, but I guess the issue would be the same for any encoder.

Hi, not sure about this, but i think here’s what you may want: