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AVMix and music channels

We have a couple of webcams that we want to broadcast to our subscribers with some background music playing. The video from the RTP stream is working great. The problem we are having is with the audio. We get some unencrypted multicast music streams from our upstream provider that we’ve normally muxed in with this video.

Unfortunately the Wowza server seems to be having a problem with these UDP streams. I can see packets coming in but I can not get sound. Nor can I get sound or video if I try to attach an outgoing stream directly to that incoming stream.

I can get to the UDP streams, as I am able to connect to the sterams with ffmpeg on the server. In fact my work around right now is to connect to the UDP stream with ffmpeg->retransmit that as an icecast stream->connect the audio portion of the AVMix to that stream file.

Another test I tried that worked is I connected to the UDP stream of our old Blonder Tongue that we setup for muxing and restreaming these Music Channels with an SD version of the webcams. I was able to get the audio from the UDP stream of the old Blonder Tongue and mux that with the RTP stream.

I’m guessing I have a setting wrong so I can’t connect to the Music Channels directly but I’m not sure what that setting would be. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you already try out the Wowza AVmix module? That allows you to mix audio and video
streams from different sources? I’m not sure how it would work though with the upstream provider you mentioned.

Your best bet would be to submit a support ticket so the engineers can better understand your workflow. I want to think it is possible though since we have so many customers mixing audio and video together.

Yup, I am using the AVmix module. The problem is trying to pull the audio stream from the aforementioned multicast streams. The video portion of the AVmix module is working fine.

Again, I have got it working by restreaming via ffmpeg to icecast, but I’d like to try to pull the stream directly.