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black postion in player element....

When I have tested that…

I saw this…

on pc and iPhone well played.

But… on Android

Black potion is uper area on player.

why this ??

how can I fix ??


I have found that black portion shown only default “internet Browser” of my phone.

Player shown normaly on “chrome browser” on same my phone…

My phone’s android version is 5.02

And device is SAMSUNG Galaxy Alpha SM-G850S.

here is that screenshot. - abnormal playback - normal playback

above two screen is shown via same web page ( ), via same phone ( version 5.0.2, Samsung Galaxy Alpha ) ,

but upper is default internet browser of android

and lower is Chrome browser of same android phone.

Already I have said…

that browser is default “Internet” app of Android…

Dear Jermaine_H

Thank you for your interest this…

Sorry for my rack of information.

It is all of I know that my phone is Android version 5.0.2, Samsung Galaxy Alpha model…


Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

Regarding the black, can you provide screenshots of what you are talking about? What delivery format are you using? Multi-bitrate or single bitrate? What are the aspect ratios set to? Is this live or VOD playback? If live, can you provide more details on the incoming stream? We need more details to go by to help with your issue.

If you would like for us to duplicate the issue and investigate further, you can open a ticket HERE

Hope this helps.




Thanks for the update and information. Looks like that browser may not support certain formats. Can you research that specific app/browser and see if it supports the formats and codecs your stream is set to?




Correct, some androids have different default internet browsers. Can you find out that specific devices default browser name and version and research? The “Internet” app has to have a manufacture and version number.




It is possible that the default Internet Browser application on that Android phone is having compatibility issues with the stream.

That being said, to have a more compatible stream please make sure that the encoding H264 profile you are using when creating the live stream (either on the source encoder or when using the Transcoder) is set to Baseline. If you have a VOD stream, please make sure that the files are encoded with the Baseline h264 profile.



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