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Bug Wowza SDK Android : While streaming and recording -> background


I detect a bug with the Android SDK. I test the sample to just to be sure.

My test was on Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.0.

Launch the sample to stream and record locally.

Start streaming.

Put the app on background.

Now come back to the app. You can see that the app stop the stream.

Do it again, launch an other stream.

Stop it.

-> the app show you the path of the video.

You can see on that path that you have 2 videos : before app goes background and after.

On the 2nd video (after background) the image are freeze… but you have the sound.

How can we fix that ?

We have to clear a buffer or something like that ?

Thanks for reaching out @Jeremie PERERA. Let me check into this for you a bit further, but it’s my understanding that with our SDK when an app is put in the background, the stream stops indeed and you will have to restart the stream. We do not currently support audio playing when the app is in the background.

But, as far as what you are describing, I will check with the SDK team and respond shortly.

Thank you @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

The workflow of the SDK is ok for me.

But when i restart manually, this “Bug” is very inconvenient for record my stream. because the file is not viewable …

I try to bypass this with Mediarecorder but your are using audioencoder / source…

I hope you can help me with this :slight_smile:

I’m checking with tech support and waiting to hear back.