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By using go coder SDK not able to live stream GLSurfaceview for camera live stream

Hello, I have followed your GoCoder SDK Samples in which I have found Live Streaming with GLSurfaceView.

Now, I want to render Camera preview with GLSurfaceview and live to stream that camera preview. I am not able to live stream camera preview. Can you please help me on that how to stream my camera view.

Hello @parth shah, we do have this GitHub example on how to do this. Please let me know if this helps you or if you need more guidance. Thanks!

This shows you how to initialize the surface view:

 // Initialize the OpenGL ES surface view
        mGLSurfaceView = (GLSurfaceView)findViewById(;

        mOpenGLRenderer = new OpenGLRenderer();

hi, @Rose Power Thank you for your response. Yes, I am using this sample. It has one class called OpenGLRenderer but here I want to stream my camera preview by using GLSurfaceview. Here in the example, they have draw cubes and lights on the surface. But I need to show my camera preview. so can you help me with that? i want to stream my camera preview on GlSurfaceview, and after that, I will put objects using ARcore on that and draw some stuff on the surface and I want to stream all this.


// onSurfacecreated I am using below code

if (mGLBroadcaster == null) {

mGLBroadcaster=new WOWZGLBroadcaster(EGL14.eglGetCurrentContext());


configmSurfaceSize = new WOWZSize(width,height);


} else {

mSurfaceSize.set(width, height);

if (!isStreaming()) streamingmGLBroadcaster.getVideoSourceConfig().setVideoFrameSize(mSurfaceSize)}

// onDrawFrame I am using below code @Rose Power

Frame frame = session.update();Camera camera = frame.getCamera();

TrackingState cameraTrackingState = camera.getTrackingState();


camera.getProjectionMatrix(projectionMatrix, 0, 0.1f, 100.0f);

camera.getViewMatrix(viewMatrix, 0);

PointCloud pointCloud = frame.acquirePointCloud();


pointCloudRenderer.draw(viewMatrix, projectionMatrix);

planeRenderer.drawPlanes(session.getAllTrackables(Plane.class), camera.getDisplayOrientedPose(), projectionMatrix);<br>

@Rose Power looks into the code, I am trying to render camera preview and draw on the frame. but it’s not able to live stream my camera preview.

when I am hitting RTSP URL on VLC media player it shows a black screen and not streaming my camera frame.

Did this work for you?

Hi, @Rose Power no I am not able to stream my camera preview with GLSufaceview by using this code. That’s why i need your help on this. can you provide any sample code where i can stream my camera preview with GLSurfaceview using go coder for stream.

Hello @parth shah, I checked with my team and we only have the GitHub sample I shared. But, what you can do is submit a support ticket and we can assign you to an engineer that may be able to troubleshoot the code with you. We can’t do that through the forum, but again through a ticket they can run some tests with you and provide suggestions.

You can do that here: