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C/C++ or C# library for streaming video and audio to Wowza server

Description: We need help writing/finding a MS Windows C/C++ or C# library written in VS2010 with full source code for streaming video and audio to the Wowza server. Consultant would have full support of our development team.

Main features are:

(1) Streaming audio

(2) Streaming audio and video

(3) Ability to add digital markers that can be processed on the Wowza server

(4) Ability to add custom script commands (or custom byte code) that is send to clients

OS In Use: Windows Server 2008 Standard 32bit (but we can change this easily if necessary)

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements: None that we can think of, please ask us any questions you have.

Timescale: We would like to get an encoder solution in place within the next couple weeks if possible, otherwise it’s just as soon as possible.

Budget: for now $500 total but it depends on how in-depth the help is


Take a look at, and There may be more libraries out there, this is just what I found as I’ve done C# ever since it was born. I’d likely be able to write the software for you, but we’d have to review and discuss the conditions in that case.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek