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Call Wowza web service not success.

I use Wowza server and develop by C#.

I need to call the Wowza web service.

I follow the step of “How to add a web service interface to Wowza Media Server and integrate with .NET (dotNet)”.

But it’s not work,

I think i need a more detailed process.

What Wowza webservice are you referring to? Wowza has some XML-formatted information available via the admin host port (8086), like /connectioncounts and /serverinfo. If you’re able to call these from a standard web browser (e.g. http://my-wowza-ip:8086/serverinfo), then you should be able to reach them from you code too.

NB! These “web services” require DIGEST authentication. You must set a username and password in the /conf/admin.password file (this is done at installation with version 4.x, with version 3.x you must do it manually). Remember to implement DIGEST auth in your .NET code.

Wowza does not provide any functions for file transfer. If you want to upload files to your Wowza server, you should look into the usual file transfer options that your server offers, e.g. FTP or maybe HTTP with Content-Range. Make sure the files end up in the /content folder of your Wowza installation, or the folder that you defined as the Content Directory in your Wowza VOD application. There are numerous C# samples of uploading files to a server (Just use Google)

You can see all Wowza tutorials on Try first to play the sample.mp4 file that comes with the installation, before you test with your own content.

This is basic Wowza stuff, and doesn’t have much to do with your original request about consuming Wowza web services in .NET. From the Wowza test players page, you must put in the IP address (or DNS name), and the port (default 1935) of your server A to start playing. Make sure your computer B and server A can talk to each other (test with e.g. ping) and that the required port(s) are open on the firewall, if there’s any.

Read this article:

The hash must be generated on the web server that processes the web page request for you client. If you have IIS with a .NET website, you can e.g. look at this article: If you need help implementing the SecureToken option, I recommend that you seek help via the Find-A-Consultant forums (available here:

Thinks karelboek!

I Get the Wowza infomation by this web service,

And How if I want to upload the file to my Wowza server by my C# Project.

What should I do?

Is there any C# project can provide me with a reference?

OK! karelbeok

I’m so Junior.

I still need to ask,

If that my file on Wowza Server is mpeg,

and I was assigned to write the streaming player.

how can I playback the video on Wowza Server?

Is there any process or sample that I can follow?

I just try to playback the sample video on my server by using the “”.

But I fail.

There has a message say’s “The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported. - See more at:”.

My system architecture like this:

I install Wowza server on A test server, and Browse the “” webite with the B computer.

I already turn off the firewall of B computer.

what kind of problem might i have?

Hello! karelboek

I already can playback the video on A test server.

What if I want to browse the “” webite with the B computer to watch my video,

what tutorial do I need to read?

The Wowza Server is to powerful and the tutorials is to many,

can you list to me?


I find the problem!

The firewall on Server A is turn on, So I can’t access the Wowza server.

For test, I turn the firewall off, and it’s work.

I will keep try rest of part.

Thanks for you support.

Hi karelboek!

I set the “Outgoing Security”, and I set the “SharedSecret” is “testsharesecret”.

And How should I get the url to the testplayer to watch my video?

I have already ready this article, but I don’t know what data and data format should I HASH.

And can I user this ( to create the HASH data?


I have already post my question on the Find-A-Consultant forums(How to hash the correct url to playback the vod MPEG-DASH file?).

But there are no one reply.

Can you give me some help?

Execute me! Is the Wowza support HTML tag now?