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Camera capture performance

I’m having frame rate problems with GoCoderSDK (trial). When i use 1280x720 resolution for streaming, i can barely get 4-5 frames per second streaming. Then i tried 640x360, it gets better but no where near 25fps.

Wowza GoCoder app on the same iPad, performs much better, probably 25fps in the same 720p setting.

I tried the GoCoder SDK Sample app on the same iPad, it has similar low performance.

I also tried my code with all sinks unregistered, to make sure my frame processing is out of the way, and compiled a release version, still low performance.

Any ideas what could be the source of performance issue? Is the trial version throttled?

Hello Ozgur,

You shouldn’t experience any difference in throughput when using the trial SDK. I would recommend testing this on a local network with good WiFi and a Wowza server that is not heavily loaded. Also test with the app-store GoCoder for comparison purposes.

If problems still persist then consider opening a support ticket and we can take a closer look.



As i mentioned, i already did compare it with Wowza GoCoder app (from the App Store)

Additionally i tried it with GoCoderSDK SampleApp

I’m testing this on one of our production WowzaStreaming servers, at times of my test it was completely free, zero load, besides, Wowza GoCoder app had no issues with the same server, same wifi, same device, same bitrate and frame size.

I’ll be creating the support ticket

I opened up a ticket for it, but no solutions yet, got any ideas?