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Can AWS make something like a miniature private Twitch?

I’m going through AWS’s documentation, and I’m not seeing a clear pipeline for a live streaming service that allows for multiple concurrent streams. What I’m trying to do is make a small private platform, like Twitch, where multiple feeds of live content can be uploaded and viewed at the same time. The main hitch is that I need to have the upload process be as simple as possible, without requiring each streamer being manually input into the AWS console: something like a stream key is all that should be necessary.

I have the exact same question :slight_smile:

And have tried to ask various stream providers the same question. But they all gave me an impression that they don’t know Twitch.

It seems that it is a complicated question to answer :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward the answer.

Hello, yes @Janus Knudsen you can build a miniature Twitch through Engine in AWS.

I would advise checking on the pricing differences between building that in AWS vs buying a Streaming Engine license in regards to the pricing differences to be sure you choose the right one for your application. Feel free to email us through the link below to ask questions about both pathways.

I am not sure about twitch but I think it will do the job. If AWS cloud is that much important to you then, I think you should go for the Cloudways managed web hosting platform. @Ramesh Salvi

I don’t know about jerk but rather I figure it will carry out the responsibility. In the event that AWS cloud is that much critical to you, at that point, I figure you ought to go for the Cloudways oversaw web facilitating stage… whereaminow

While you can indeed build something similar to that platform with Wowza and AWS using Wowza MediaCache, your workflow will indeed need unique stream names per application and and account authorization if you will are going to have subscribers that pay you. We don’t have a way to have this unique stream name get pulled automatically, but it just requires a bit of custom work. You’ll also need to make sure that is users are uploading from mobile phones, that you have the permissions for authentication properly set and that you can push RTSP to Wowza from Android devices.

You are welcome to post in Hire a Consultant forum if you’d like to hire someone to help you build that part. But, know that we have had people build something similar.