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Can I add Facebook Live stream target to my stream using API?


I couldn’t find the answer in API docs: can I add Facebook Live stream target to my stream using API?

Is there any example on how to do this? (which parameters to send)

P.S.: in our system we create an unique stream with unique name for each broadcast, so we can’t add stream target by hand each time through Streaming Engine Control Panel.


You will need to have some method to generate the Facebook authentication tokens using your own application or system, as the Facebook API requires these. The Streaming Engine Manager UI has its own application ID that allows it to generate this token. Once you are able to generate the token, then you can use the generic RTMP profile to create the stream target.


I can tell you that our organization is using the API to do this. Facebook Live uses RTMP to ingest streams so you can POST to the /pushpublish/mapentries endpoint to create a stream target. You would pass the data necessary for any generic RTMP server (host, port, sourceStreamName, application, enabled, streamName, entryName, profile).


I am streaming on facebook using rtmp push module. but if the encoder got disconnected for few seconds from wowza rtmp push module terminate’s the connection from facebook gracefully and facebook does not wait for reconnection and rtmp url expires.
for re-stream i have to generate a new rtmp url from app but new rtmp url post a new live video on facebook.

any suggestion how can i resume the faceboook stream on encoder reconnect…??