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Can I move a license from a VM to another VM

I have a question before buying a license.

Can I move a license from a VM Server on Cloud that has already been installed wowza to another VM?

Or is there any way to move it?

Reasons to move, such as change VM servers or other reasons.

Servers must always connect internet for check license?

Yes, the server verifies the license with Wowza’s license servers every “x” seconds (I don’t know the exact interval out of my head), so your server must be connected to the internet or else the license check will fail and Wowza will stop.

If your server cannot be connected all the time, or maybe not at all, then you can contact and they have a solution with an USB license-dongle.

Wowza counts the number of instances (servers) that use a license at the same time. That means that if you only have 1 license (or if you have a subscription license but want to make sure you pay for 1 instance only), you must first stop Wowza on the old server, then move the license key, and then start Wowza on the new server. That way, there will only be 1 server using the license.

thank you…