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Can I quietly start a recording from an Android notification or Floating Button?

Hi, I’m developer of an app with 98,000 active users, we are planing to introduce a new feature in the app to instantly start a stream from a Floating Button on the screen or a button inside a custom fixed notification (using Android Service).

I have an experience programming video record, I noticed that you cannot record a video in Android without showing a preview of the recording video, so we must create a surface for preview with 1x1 pixel size (in a Service we ask Overlay Permission to show it on the top left of the screen).

My question is, this SDK allow me to start recording this way? Inside a service with a 1x1 preview to avoid opening a whole new Activity on the screen?

Looking into this for you @Mauricio Lima.

Our SDK engineer is going to research adding this as a feature and will be reaching out to you in a private email.

Thank you, we are a few weeks from choosing one Stream solution, if GoCoder SDK can start a stream in that way we’ll surely pick it.

Hi Mauricio, thank you very much for using Wowza GoCoder.

If I understand correctly, you want to broadcast video from an Android device.

However you don’t want to display the preview and even more, you want to broadcast video and audio while your app is in background.

Or you are using an Overlay Window (that you get from the WindowManager and run as a Service) and from there you create a 1x1 preview to satisfy our requirement.

Yes, I’m almost (sorry I haven’t tried that with GoCoder) sure you can do that.

However, I want to let you know we will soon release a new version of GoCoder where the engine will run in a background/foreground service. It will then be the developer responsibility to display a Notification (Android P and newer require the developer to alert the user of a background activity using the camera or the mic or both) . Would that help your project ?

Please, feel free to respond to this message and/or write to me directly and I will be glad to assist you.

Feel free to share your code or proof of concept and I will be here to help you.

Thanks for being part of our Wowza-family !

Hi Fabio, surely there will be a foreground service showing a fixed notification all the time, using a RemoteView to customize it with one big button to start the broadcast, I’m expecting this new version to be released to see if I can put the whole process in only one Service and showing only one notification even when broadcasting. There is some approximate date of this new version of GoCoder?