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Can I see Video Chat in MPEG DASH / Apple HLS Test Player?


I have followed the tutorial to set up a live video chat and it works fine. I managed to see the video stream in the Adobe RTMP test player with the following informations:

Server: rtmp://localhost:1935/videochat/

Stream: testing

But I can’t find how to see the video stream in the MPEG DASH test player and in the Apple HLS test player… I tried with the following URLs:

For the MPEG DASH player: http://localhost:1935/videochat/testing/manifest.mpd

For the Apple HLS player: http://localhost:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8

All the Playback Types are checked in the live application.

Is it possible to see the video stream in these players? If yes, what is the right URL?