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Can not play video in android phone in the same network

I am using trial version of Wowza streamig engine. I am streaming the video from my laptop and trying to access it with my android phone with this uri But it keeps saying the media could not be loaded. I have also tried playing the video with another computer in same network using VLC player. It says VLC is unable to open the MRL. Can you tell me how I can solve this issue?

Hello @nishat_sultana, what is the protocol you are using to stream from your laptop to Streaming Engine? RTMP? WebRTC? I understand you are trying to play back on HLS.

Let me provide some tutorials for both:

WebRTC with HLS playback:

You can also follow this video is you are streaming it on your laptop from OBS or an RTMP encoder for HLS playback:

That error means:

“The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

So that is why we need more info on the protocols you are using and the codecs for streaming from your laptop. Thanks!