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Can we create multiple streams in one application

Hello Team,

I would like to know the right way of getting the task done.

I am planning to create a mobile app, in which

  1. Registered users can go live

  2. Multiple users can view the live streaming going on which is in live by some users in app

For now, I have downloaded the wowza streaming engine, and have setup in my local machine,

I have completed playing the live streaming video through the url which ends with m3u8

I have used gocoder to go live from the android devices.

When user wants to go live, I create a stream in an application “XXXXX” and that will be listed to other users.

Is this correct or do I need to change something in the way am doing that. Also please suggest a server for this to be hosted

Hi, I want to do something similar but I want my streamers to be qued until it is their turn to stream for a period of 5 minutes per streamer. After which the next qued streamer gets to start their live stream event, so on and so forth, perpetually.

How can this be done using gocoder?


Hello, this post has been moved to the GoCoder SDK section of the Wowza Community Forum.

If you plan to have the same transcoding, nDVR and other settings the same Application would probably work fine. It maybe easier to monitor and track usage if they each user is assigned their own Application. If you plan to use DRM with your workflow to provide stream key’s this might also easier to manage on a per-Application basis.

You might be running into a License Key limitation with your transcoding tests.