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Cancel Cloud Monthly Subscription

Hello, I have sent an email to to request to cancel my "Cloud Plus Monthly Subscription”, a ticket was created (#354869), some days later the credit card has been billed.

No answer to my emails, no answer at the phone… I’m waiting for the cancellation and the refund.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention @Luca Zappa. I’ll check right now for you. Is it possible a message went to your spam box? Regardless, I will have someone follow up with you right away. We are working remotely during covid, so nobody is in office to answer phone calls- it’s all going to voice mail and calls being returned as the messages were received.

I’ll check with you later today to confirm we were able to connect with you.

@Luca Zappa I was told the refund was processed this morning. If you have any other issues confirming that on your end, please do reach out to me here. Thanks.