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Canned Video, VOD and SMIL

I would like to learn the protocol for testing an uninterrupted stream produced with either VOD or through the creation of an SMIL. My goal is to emulate a broadcast media environment or what I have also seen referenced as canned video. I have referenced work flows for developers creating scheduled canned videos correlated along with live events, though I have failed to duplicate their workflow with only canned videos. Can someone direct me to information or a workflow that I may learn from?

Also, I could not determine what space was good for this question. If someone may have insight regarding what section this ought to be posted in/ I will move it to the right place. Thank you.


Wowza does provide this capability in the add-on Loop-Until-Live and Stream Publisher modules. This allows you to build a SMIL file that describes the file playlist and these files are published and looped as a “Live” stream. It can also be set to allow for a true live stream to override the VOD playlist when an event starts and return to the playlist again after it ends. Please see the following article for more info:

How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts (LoopUntilLive)

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