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Cannot find live stream with JWPlayer


I realize this might be a jwplayer question rather than a wowza question but I thought I would post and see if anyone had experienced a similar issue.

I can attach to my live stream using the example page for the live application by entering the address and the stream name as prompted by the wowza sample page. However, when I try to access with jwplayer or flowplayer neither are finding the stream.

My code for the jwplayer looks like this:

This text will be replaced

Upon visiting the page the player loads but says the stream is not being found. I have tried both with and without the .sdp extension on the stream name but it doesnt make any difference.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


The Streamer should be:


Wowza sees the “curt2.sdp” in the streamer as an application instance, which is not what you intended

And the file should be the exact stream name you are publishing, which is either curt2.sdp or just curt. It has to be the exact name you are using in the encoder. If that includes an .sdp extenstion, the include it, but if not don’t add it.