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Cannot record screen using ReplayKit when livestream iOS GoCoder SDK

I can’t record screen with RepkayKit in iOS when livestream.

When I start camera preview only, it seem to be working.

But when I streaming (start gCoder),

  1. I record with camera and microphone, the app still can record but when I saved to photo library video is nothing but white (full white).

  2. I record only camera. This func not invoke

recorder.startCapture(handler: { (sample, bufferType, error) in

**// Not start in here**

**// handle record**

**}**, completionHandler: { error **in**

*print(error) => result nil*


  1. When I start default app record in my iPhone. It can’t record.

I recorded in iPhone 6, 6plus, iPhone X, and iPad, iOS 11 and 12 all same issues.