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Can't get wouza to stream live video from vc3 encoder

I have an Adobe Visual Communicator 3 encoder running live stream to local Wouza server. /the encoder shows it’s connected to the server but when I run






Stream: mystream

i get an error message at the bottom saying “stream not found”

Any suggestions what I can do to receive the stream?

What is the name of the stream in the encoder? Is it “myStream” with uppercase “S”? If so, play that back in the client, same case. If you add some extension, like “myStream.sdp”, make sure to use the exact same name in all clients.

Do you see a “publish” event in Wowza when you start the encoder? Check the access logs, and/or run Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode so you can see log output in the console