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Can't play my live stream from vlc or any other player but able to play vod stream


I am transmitting to wowza and able to see it in incoming streams.
But cant play it from vlc ,browser or any other player.
When tried to play recorded stream.It is working.

It was working earlier but suddenly facing this issue for live streams.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Hi @vinaya_zeple thanks for being a part of the community here.

It would require a little more information, but I do appreciate what you shared. Can you tell me what protocol you are using to send it to Wowza? I see that you say Wowza is receiving it and recording it ok, which makes me wonder what is the protocol you are using for playback and do you have that set up properly.

You said it was working though for playback, but stopped so that could point to an issue with the network you’re on or if you’re sending it out over WebRTC or HLS, it may be dropping due to configuration error of packets or chunks.

Do you have any hints from the logs that may give us an idea of what’s happening?

If not, the only way for us to know is through a support ticket where we can review the entire configuration/ logs and test.

@Rose_Power-Wowza_Com Thank you for your reply
Today we are able to watch live and on-demand also. we are not facing any issue.

We faced this issue twice and automatically get resolved next day. Wowza logs do not show any errors related to this. So not able to identify source of problem.

We use OBS to transmit a Live stream to our server.
We also have implemented a CDN and hence all the users are served the stream using the CDN (bitgravity).

we transmit over rtmp i.e. rtmp://wowza_server:1935/live/ and Stream Key- testVideo.mp4
and we can watch it in live and on-demand.
live url- https://cdn_server/live/definst/testVideo/playlist.m3u8
on-demand url- https://cdn_server/vod/definst/testVideo/playlist.m3u8

You’re using inconsistent stream names for ingest and playback. Your stream key is “testVideo.mp4” and you’re trying to play stream “testVideo”. Your stream key should preferably not have a filename extension, and personally I recommend to use all lowercase.

rtmp://wowza_server/live/testvideo will allow you to play back from http://wowza_server:1935/live/testvideo/playlist.m3u8. Once that works, you can try playback through the CDN.

It is spelling mistake while replying. But was using correct name while testing.

I checked for CDN and it was working for on-demand only . not working for live.
missed to check for http://wowza_server:1935/live/testvideo/playlist.m3u8

Now it is working for both live and ondemand so cant test it.

But not able to find out root cause of this issue.

Just a note: remember that stream names are case-sensitive so


is not the same as

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If @Karel_Boek’s suggestion for case-sensitive consistency doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to send in a support ticket so we can see if it’s an issue leaving Wowza or if the issue is at the CDN. It’s odd it only works sometimes, so we’ll take a closer look at your configuration and see how this is being cached at the Bitgravity CDN.