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Can't set crossdomain.xml to allow access to connectioncounts from javascript

Dear All,

I’m trying to create a javascript code to display connection count. The only problem is that the web server won’t be on the same server than the Wowza Server.

So i’m facing the crossdomain policy problem.

Here is my javascript code :



I’m getting a crossdomain error

and here is my conf/crossdomain.xml wich seems to be good :


<?xml version="1.0"?>


Could somebody help me?

Best regards



In your VHost.xml you need to add the crossdomain HTTP Provider to port 8086

If you add




As the first entry in the port 8086 HTTP Provider section , restart Wowza it should then work.


Crossdomain.xml is for flash clients, and AFAIK, none of the current browsers use a similar crossdomain policy system.

Some of the more modern browsers support CORS, so if wowza returns Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers on the response from the connection count service (not sure if it does or not), those browsers should be able to consume the XML response over an xhr request.

For older browsers, you’d need to refactor the connection count service so you can use JSONP, or you could use a proxy application that resides in the same domain as the page that makes the xhr request.

There’s good info on the topic here:

Id did not try your solution (but it seems less complex) but i have found another wich is available in another thread :

Thank you for your help.

Best regards