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cant signup for wowza player, am i doing somthing wrong ?

Im actually testing Wowza streaming engine as a solution for my project and it works just fine, now i need to test the ‘wowza player’ module so i can decide if its adapted to my frontend, when i try to signup for wowza player usin my trial account it blocks me with this message,

"500 Internal Server Error

If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application’s log file and/or the web server’s log file to find out what went wrong."

I know very well i can use the player using a free trial account, pls correct me if am doing somthing wrong, Thanks is advance.

You are correct, you can use it with the free trial account. Let me look into this for you and I will reply shortly.

Hello, @hamza mouzakki! I’m really sorry for the trouble. Can you please provide the URL of the form/page you’re attempting to submit when you get the 500 error?