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Can't successfully configure BuyDRM add on

We’ve been trying to set up Wowza with BuyDRM with no success. We have the unencrypted sample.mp4 file playing successfully through a non-DRM Wowza application. We’ve configured BuyDRM according to these instructions (we have a valid account with BuyDRM):

When looking in the Wowza logs, I can see requests to buyDRMLookup (with what appear to be successful results), I can see BuyDRMHTTPSmoothStreamingPlayReadyCreateVOD.

The last entry is LiveStreamPacketizerSmoothStreaming.init - I’m not sure if this of concern since my Wowza application is configured as “Video on Demand Single Server or Origin” ?

I don’t see any errors, but the video fails to play. The error (on the player) is "error:10000 (0x2710, MEDIA_ERROR_PLAYREADY_DRM).

I’m testing with the BuyDRM supplied KeyOS player on Android.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


It looks like you’re in need of help from Support. Please raise a ticket with

Please include zipped up files of




and describe your problems in as much detail as possible. Someone will help you out.

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did you provide a valid AuthXML in custom data ?



you normally received some sample code from BuyDRM to generate AuthXML.

AuthXML is XML where you will find Playready settings like security level, license expiration and all rules/policies that you want to add to your licenses…

The XML content is then base64 encoded and put to the “custom data”

Look at the documentation provided by BuyDRM, you will find something like “BuyDRM KeyOS Authentication XML Generators with GeoFence”, you will find some sample code in different languages.


Did that days ago, I was hoping some other forum members might have some input.

Thanks for the reply, Liilo.

The AuthXML does seem to be the problem. The documentation describes what it is, but doesn’t seem to clearly state how to create/use it. We’ve got something that seems to work now, but are still validating the process. Thanks for the comment.