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Can't uninstall Wowza from Windows 10

Hello there,

I can’t remove wowza from my PC. Uninstaller start but freeze on “Removing wowza Streaming Engine service”. It stops the services accordingly but it can’t go further. Any of you got same issue ?

It’s pretty self contained so you could just delete the directories and use the inbuilt windows functions to remove the service.

I know it’s not clean like an uninstall but I think this will get you 99.99% of the way.

Already done it. However, I would like to remove also from register and from “installed application”. How should I do?

run the unistaller from:

when stuck kill the exe and let the program clean for you

If you terminate the cmd.exe process in Task Manager’s ‘Details’ menu, the uninstall will proceed.

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I have just corrected it by closing the cmd.exe within the uninstallation process. Thanks

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Great! Thanks for the update.