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CEA608 rollup with onTextData injection

I asked the question before. I was wondering what the setting on the server is to enable rollup captions when injecting live captions with onTextData. The captions need to rollup and not disappear when displaying as native html text track cues. Currently the cues end too quickly and dissapear.

If my memory serves me, the Wowza Module that creates CEA608 captions creates pop-on caption style and not roll-up style captions. You would need to create a custom Wowza module to create this style of caption.

And then you would need a player that understands roll-up CEA-608 captions.

There was once sample code for the CEA-608 captions module in WSE, but I cannot find it online. It could be extended to support roll-on captions.

I have quite a bit of experience with streaming, WSE and captions. Reach out if you are interested in a custom solution.

Scott Kellicker