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Centralized solution for geo, IP and connections restriction for Wowza


WMSPanel, a service form Wowza partners’ ecosystem, would like to present a feature set that allows controlling access to your streaming assets. WMSPanel is a web service that gives capabilities for centralized reporting and control of your Wowza instances. It works both in Wowza 2 and Wowza 3.

Our WMSAuth functionality gives ability to do the following:

  • Limit simultaneous connections count. Set up a limit and no connections will be established on top of that.

  • Limit total bandwidth for any entity from server to stream.

  • Define the countries where your visitors are from. We use industry favorite MaxMind GeoIP which is updated automatically from our servers.

  • Lock the IP ranges of your visitors. If you’re willing to restrict some Internet locations from access, you can created IP ranges describing them and deny access

  • Allow and deny rules are used for geo and IP ranges.

  • Make links hot-linking re-publishing protection. This is done via enhancing your server side scripts and defining access permissions .

  • Hot-linking protection applies to all Wowza client types, including Cupertino (HLS).

    Geo location updates are automatically downloaded from WMSPanel and your system administrator may forget about maintenance. We’ll handle it.

    WMSAuth is also the basis for Pay-Per-View framework for Wowza available via push API.

    These restrictions may be applied to any of those Wowza entities:

  • Servers;

  • Virtual hosts;

  • Applications;

  • Application instances;

  • Streams.

    You can combine unlimited number of WMSAuth groups and their rules to make secure streaming environment for your business.

    WMSAuth is enabled free of charge for our subscribed customers.

    You can read more about this feature set in our blog post.

    Wowza Consultant? Read how you can use WMSPanel in your workflow.