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Cisco CMS server for meeting with wowza streaming

Hello, I can see that cms (cms is a cisco meeting server on-prem) is support live streaming. with several products in the market. can anyone share deployment cms & Wowza?
there is a documentation for that?

Thank you Sharon.

I think it is quite a bit like zoom on premises. How do you plan to use that with wowza ?

Hi @Sharon_Carasenti welcome to the community. Like @Connessione has asked, can you share more details on what your workflow will look like so we can properly guide you?

I saw this on the Cisco CMS forums:

But, it looks like it uses RTMP and so that would be the source encoder setup for Streaming Engine. You would follow this doc and make sure you disable authentication in the Engine manager. It’s in the doc below don’t worry.

If it doesn’t work for you, please send in a support ticket and the Wowza engineers will walk you though the steps.

Thank you, I am planning at a time for the interoperability for the cms & Wowza

Sounds good. Let me know if you have any more questions. I would emphasize again disabling the authentication required to ingest the stream from Cisco, not super necessary and will just help you avoid any issues connecting it as RTMP encoder.

Good luck!