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Closed Captions for Pseudo Live Stream


I am currently creating a pseudo live stream with the Wowza Live Stream Scheduler Module and was wondering what the best way to include CC was in this instance. All clients will be using HLS via video-js.

Normally on my live streams we encode the CEA-608 captions from a Teradek and send it to Wowza.

Is it possible to take the VoD files and encode CEA-608 captions into the media file and have Wowza Pick up on them that way?

Found this previous forum post:

But looks like he was trying a different format, so not sure if that would apply to my situation

Hi Guys,

Going to go ahead and answer this. It IS possible to do this. Adobe Premiere did not work out as it would only encode them into MOV or mxf broadcast files, so I found a product called MacCaption by Telestream that will take an mcc file that contains the CEA-608 track, and MUX it into a plain old MP4 file. Take your Muxed MP4 file, put it on your stream schedule and you are done. We are using Video JS for all browser playback, and it works for this.

Hi @Nicholas Burdick, you can inject onTextData via a HTTP Provider and then enable the built-in OnTextData to CEA-608 converter (in the Engine Manager this is the option that assumes that there’s OnTextData subtitles in your stream)

Some information on how to inject onTextData into a stream can be found here:

AMFDataObj amfData = new AMFDataObj();

amfData.put("text", new AMFDataItem("Hello World"));
amfData.put("language", new AMFDataItem("en"));
amfData.put("trackid",  new AMFDataItem(99));

stream.sendDirect("onTextData", amfData);