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Cloud Streaming Live music events

Hi Folks,

We are based in UK. We are in cordinatioin with few artists & bands in some Asain countries to perform some live shows/events so we can live stream to piad users. How can we achive this?
We would like to manage this stream only for paid users. Basically users buy tickets from us to watch the live stream. The artist would only do is perform & provide the video source.

Also do they need to have your encorder to upload the live feed to the cloud? Or can they have their own encorders?

Many Thanks

Welcome to the community @Mboy. This would be quite simple to do with Wowza Streaming Cloud and one of the most common workflows we support. Wowza can ingest video from any encoder that uses a streaming protocol we support. We would then create a playback link for you. As far as control over who can view that link, you’d have control over that on your end with who is a subscriber or not. We have Cloud security options to help you keep it safe.

Streaming to China is the only roadblock you may have as they have their own government restrictions for what they allow. You’d need to research that, but it is possible to stream there.

It would be best for you to email where they can ask you more questions about your workflow and suggest the best live event plan for you. There are several to choose from and you’d want guidance on the best pricing for your budget. That I cannot advise on in the forums, but you’ll want to talk to them. The costs can vary depending on bandwidth needed, stream time and number of viewer connections.

Thank you for your reply. I got a trial from streaming cloud & looks promosing for my purpose. Only thing I didnt understand was the Cloud security option such as adding a hash to the streaming URL.

What my requirement is, we want to host the live stream on your page such as :

So we send this URL to selected private users (100+) to watch the stream for a time period. How can we assure, just in case if a end user share this link to someone else, we would not want to let that user see this event. Is this practical to restric in that way?


What we recommend is that you use a variety of security options to reduce the chance of the playback link being shared. In this world now with all the bots and hacking, there is no 100% guarantee that it can’t be shared, but most of our customers combine a variety of security options and have success.

We recommend allowing or blocking certain IP addresses, geo-blocking, the security token and DRM.
If you scroll down in this blog, you’ll read the section on security for Cloud. But, do keep in mind the IP address idea as well.

Thank you. I am testing your trial. I can see there is a huge latency. I can see you can try the IP address as the primary server to reduce latency. I was trying to test this but its not working. Is that option is restricted on your free trial?

Also can the passthrough streaming works when streaming from Sri Lanka?