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Command line to launch jconsole?

I’m on a Mac OS X system, with Wowza installed on a linux system, and jconsole is obviously quite useful.

The only problem is that the connect string is incredibly long, no way I’ll ever remember that, and so I was hoping to be able to save it to a shortcut and drop it into my dock or something.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty much lost. Typing ‘jconsole’ in the terminal pops up the window, without any of the connection details from the last time I logged in.

jconsole service:jmx:rmi://128.255.##.###:8084/jndi/rmi://128.255.##.###:8085/jmxrmi

gets me partway there, in that it reads that connection string (my ip hidden to protect my security), but it doesn’t prompt for the username and password.

i tried the usual

jconsole service:jmx:rmi://username:password@128.255.##.###:8084/jndi/rmi://128.255.##.###:8085/jmxrmi 

sort of stuff, and it doesn’t recognize any of it, no matter what combo or locations i put that stuff in at.

any suggestions? i’ve been through as much jconsole command line documentation as I can find, and nothing’s coming up about putting in the username and password from the command line

JConsole is a standalone application. On Windows it is JConsole.exe, located in Java install folder, in the /bin folder. Look for mac version in a similar location.


Okay, I don’t know that one. I keep a file on my desktop with the service urls I use a lot.


I know it’s a standalone application, and can launch it like that without a problem. As I said in my original post, I’m trying to find a shortcut to launch the program with my connection string pre-loaded, so that I don’t have to go dig through logs and/or email to find the service: URL.