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Configuration Files And Application.xml For Unsecured RTMP Stream Broadcast

So I’ve setup Wowza on Amazon EC2 and am able to stream VOD videos just fine, but my main goal is to rebroadcast an unsecured, live RTMP stream from one of our clients to our servers for wider distribution.

I’ve followed this guide: several times with no success. I’m not very good with troubleshooting this stuff so I was wondering if I could give the consultant the rmtp URL I would like to use and have him set up Application.xml and the configuration files necessary to do this so that I could just upload those and have it work. I imagine this wouldn’t be too difficult and I was really hoping to have it by the end of the week.

A flat fee or hourly rate would be fine within reason.

send me the unprotected URL to, and what’s your streaming idea (RTMP out as well or any HTTP option)