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Configure HTTP proxy for push to Wowza CDN Stream Target

We are using WowzaCDN type Stream Targets to push streams to the Akamai CDN (Wowza CDN).

We do have to use a proxy for those outgoing connections, but have not found a (custom) property to configure a HTTP proxy for the WowzaCDN Stream Target.

We noted from logs and API docs that the class used to perform the push - HTTPByteWriter - seems to support using a proxy, but there doesn’t seem to be an officially documented property to set it, neither for the Stream Target, nor in teh application properties.

Is there an undocumented property available that can be used?

Same problem

We would need same feature in few cases for Akamai HLS (AMD MSL4.x) PUSH.

Thanks for your patience @Toni Ljungberg, @Victor Garcia and @DDG DOCOMO Digital Germany GmbH.

I checked in again with our engineers and this is what they had to say:

The Wowza CDN Stream Target does not inherently support use of an HTTP proxy. Wowza Streaming Engine sends streams directly to Akamai based on target information received from the Wowza Streaming Cloud server (for the target that the user created in the Engine Manager UI). HTTPByteWriter is a lower-level utility class that just pushes files wherever the stream target tells it to, so is not inherently configurable.

That said there might be a couple options you could try:

  1. Try manually adding a custom property to the target called “” and set it to the hostname of the proxy, but this has never been tested. You can add this property on the Custom tab for the target in the WSEM UI.

  2. You could put an entry in your vhosts file to map the Akami hostname to their proxy hostname and proxy it that way, but this has also never been tested.
    The Akamai hostnames for Wowza CDN targets should be something like post.{hostId}.[]( where hostId is something like wowzaprod225-i

You can actually get that from the Playback URL for your stream target after you create in the Streamimg Engine Manager, which looks something like

[](’s that first bit of the hostname before the first “.”

But, remember please we have not tested any of these so if it does not work, you can submit a support ticket, which will enable you to seek help on this and simultaneously officially request this as feature. This can only happen through a ticket submission.