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Configure WOWZA to use Azure CDN with HLS Live Stream without transcoding

How to make WOWZA streaming engine to work with an Azure CDN where I want to stream HLS Live stream .

The client uploads the stream using a camera connected to OBS.
For video playback, we want to HLS Live stream to Azure CDN.


While we do not have specific instructions on Azure CDN, there are two different CDN approaches that are generally taken.

  1. You have the source (in this case Wowza on Azure) push a feed to CDN which then caches the stream and propogates it across its network of edges.
  2. Your CDN pulls the stream from your source (Wowza engine) and then caches it across the network of edges.

For solution 1 you would simply use a Stream Target feature in Wowza Engine to push a stream to CDN.

For solution 2 you would setup an HTTP Origin application and then point your CDN to pull from there.

Hope this clarifies the work needed to get you off the ground with CDN configuration.