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Configuring Crestron Encoders

Hi All,

Still new to setting up our encoders. I have two Crestron encoders I am working on setting up, a Crestron DMC-STRO and DM-TXRX-100-STR. On the Encoders, I have no problem setting them up to have the receiver initiate the connection, but I can’t seem to get the Transmitter to initiate (pushing to the server).

I have a requirement where we have pre-configured web pages with our players, and I need to send the feed to that channel on the wowza server.

I have gone through the RTSP/RTP setup guides with little success. I am assuming my issue is the address I am trying to reach.

I am using rtsp:// (ip sanitized for forms). Just to try and get it up and going I have disabled the RTSP/RTP authentication. I will re-enable once resolved.

Any help would be appreciated.