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Connecting Teradek Vidiu

I was told to follow the same procedures to connect a Teradek Vidiu to the Wowza Streaming Cloud using the instructions for the Teradek Cube. After configuring the new stream, I copied and pasted the “Configuration URL” over to the “Connection Code” on the Teradek Vidiu’s platform configuration page under the Wowza Streaming Cloud preset.

After clicking apply, it sits on a spinning circle and eventually gives the error: “Error connecting Wowza Cloud Live Stream”

Is there a problem with the configuration URL feature? Has the Teradek Vidiu been tested on this platform?



there shouldn’t be a problem with vidiu.

Can you please let me know which Vidiu version you are using and which cloud account?

Thanks Philipp


In looking in your account, a live stream named “The Run” looks like you connected successfully and had successful participation in viewers. Did you connect to this event with your Vidiu?



I’m glad it worked. That feature rolled out on Friday for the Vidiu. Thanks for the confirmation.



Vidiu Firmware: 2.2.2

Cloud Account: W100011965

For the last event I had to type in the server, stream name, username, password, etc on a generic RTMP profile in order to get the Vidiu to work.

There seems to be a new field added to your platform which now includes “Connection Code” Before, only the “Configuration URL” field showed up on the Video Source and Transcoder page.

I tried the newly added “Connection Code” and it looks like it now works!