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Connecting Wowza and JW

Good Evening,

i am struggling with setting up Wowza Stream Engine to play with JWPlayer.

I configured the StreamEngine as the tutorial said
( )

Also i obtained a SSL-Certificate for my Streamengine and configured it like the video tutorial said
( )

Can anybody give me a hint what i might be missing? I cant get behind it.

I am useing the current version of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.5, build 20200616153358

on a microsoft azure F16s_v2-VM

thanks in advance


Hi @Joe Schmitt sorry to hear you’re having some issues here after following the docs and tutorials. We’d be happy to take a closer look at your config and pretty quickly determine for you where the issue is. We do not debug in the forums though. You can submit the ticket here:

If you’d like in the meantime, while you wait for an engineer to look at your ticket, what does your playback url look like you’re trying to use in JW Player?

Were you able to stream first in the Wowza test player?

Here are some playback examples here for you since I’m not sure what protocol you’re trying to play back on:



Good Morning @Rose Power,

thank you for your quick answer.

I have a supportticket running, but i thought maybe someone here knows its maybe some thing i just missed out, as i am kind of new to this.

My Playback URL is like : http://[IP-Adrress]/:1935/Test/ngrp:Test_all/playlist.m3u8 , like it was done in the tutorial.
Also i checked it with http and https.

In the testplayer its working, and i can open the mobile-urls from the testplayer in a VLC-Player.

I will work through the Links, thank you very much!



To keep it updatet.

I recognised i need to check the “dont host media” at the jwplayer while uploading.

It now loads the URL as it should, but when i do it with http:// it tells me “error 232012, https cant play http source”, when i klick play.

When i use the link with https:// now, it tells me “error 232001, HLS manifest request timed out”, when i klick play.

So i would guess something with the ssl-certificate-setup is wrong ?