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Connection failed:Application folder (install-location/applications/live) is missing

Yes I can read…but before this new interface to woza we had no problem…of course we have the JW-player running on a web-page in S3 …directed to the servers public IP-adress

When testing we use this instance ID i-75fa113a

Using this security group Wowza Media Server 3-3-6-2-04-AutogenByAWSMP-

the instance created in eu-west-1a

You may be encountering a recent issue that has developed in EC2.

(From the Pre Built AMI’s launch page…)

An update to the EC2 Management Console prevents the Wowza Media Server AMIs from launching properly. The workaround is to specify the default startup package using the User data field as part of the AMI launch process. To do this:

In the Configure Instance Details step, open the Advanced Details section.

In the User data field, enter the following user data and then select the As text option.


You may replace your startup package (if applicable) using the same approach from your download source.


Yes we alreayd noticed…started a new server using the “One-click” option and the server is functioning as expected.

But now I am trying to check the log for supported connections…but what should I be looking for is reading the System log right now.

instanceid = i-d8709b97

When using the “Oneclickl” option the allowed connections is only 10 connections allowed

Okay everything is working ok now.

The 10 connection limit is because you selected a lickey AMI, which comes pre-configured with a limited license key. The lickey classification is a bring-your-own-license model. This means you will need to install a paid Wowza license in [install-dir]/conf/Server.license and restart Wowza.

We also provide a devpay license model which does not require a separate Wowza license because the billing is managed by Amazon Web Services. All of the current pre-built AMI’s are located here: Wowza Media Server 3.6 for Amazon EC2 AMIs. Lickey and devpay AMI options are listed in groups on this page.